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The Internet is moving; we’re not staying still.

We can help you design, develop and market simple and complex mobile solutions of all kinds. Mobile HTML5 versions of websites and applications. Native applications where business demands even more.

The Marketica Guarantee

  • Execution

    A process that defines strategies and needs and reduces uncertainty. Clear milestones with a realistic scope and timeline defined with the client based on its needs.

  • Future-proofness

    Ease of maintenance, flexibility and separation of presentation and content through standards-based coding industry-leading solutions.

  • Compatibility

    Search engine optimization, accessibility for disabled users and cross-browser, cross-device compatibility with no excuses.

  • User Experience

    A special focus on ensuring that users can get things done while having a pleasant time. Usability is our priority and we’re ready to guide you along.

Mobile: Featured Projects

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Android Tour
  • Banelco Geo-localization
  • Fiat Tablet Game
  • Mappyfriends iPhone/Android app
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