< Display & Touch

Attractive, performing interactive applications for communicating, playing and doing.

  • Multi-touch kiosk applications
  • Tablet-based entertainment solutions for brands to engage their customers in a new way
  • Signage and advertising solutions that are as rich as flexible

The Marketica Guarantee

  • Execution

    A process that defines strategies and needs and reduces uncertainty. Clear milestones with a realistic scope and timeline defined with the client based on its needs.

  • Future-proofness

    Ease of maintenance, flexibility and a strategy that plans for long-term needs.

  • User Experience

    A special focus on ensuring that users can get things done while having a pleasant time. Usability is our priority and we’re ready to guide you along.

  • Hardware Knowledge

    We can advise you about the right hardware for your needs and even hook you up with the right vendor and partners to make your idea real.

Display & Touch: Featured Projects

  • Kent promotional iPhone and Tablet PCs application
  • Levis touch-screen interactive applications
  • Hospital Alemán touchscreen kiosks
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Android Tour
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